I Have Inherited a House

I was not really expecting to inherit this house, although to be honest it did not seem like a great prize when I first saw it and there are still a few things to do. The first thing I had to do was find someone to do drain unclogging services in New Jersey. The house was vacant for a couple months after my great aunt went to the hospital and then died from Covid 19. Someone must have been using the house for some illegal purpose and they left the drains stopped up so bad that I could not do anything about it. The guy who came had to remove and replace a big section of the drain pipes. He told me that the house was old and lots of greasy stuff had gone down the drains for a long time. It was not that big of a job for him apparently, although it smelled bad from the trash inside of that piece of pipe.

I guess that I was the only one who really went to see her. All of her immediate family are out on the West Coast some place, her oldest son is actually in prison for drugs or something and she was estranged from the others. That is not surprising, since she was an extremely difficult woman in every way that you could imagine. I felt bad for her and ignored her temper tantrums, mostly because my mom made me at first. I always expected she would leave the house to someone more closely related, but it does not even seem that they care. I was a lot more surprised that she had actual money in her bank account to leave to the local library and her church. She lived as though she had nothing, but instead she had a significant amount of money in the bank.