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Tips On The Best Restaurants In Osaka

In Japan, Osaka is known for its rich culinary culture, the city is also the second largest of the country. This city is also known as the county’s kitchen. A variety of different restaurants can be seen in Osaka. It is in Osaka that all your restaurants concerned are covered. If you want to know some of the best restaurants in Osaka, read on this article.

It is in Osaka that you will find one of the best restaurants and that is Fujiya. The restaurant began operating in the year 2003. It was Tetsuya Fujiwara who started the restaurant who had been training in Spanish restaurants. But it was in 2012 that the restaurant was upgraded to three stars in the Michelin Guide. The restaurant is famous for serving seafood and, meats, and seasonal vegetables. It is the restaurant that serves its famous spaghettini in crabs with minoretto and beans. It is in Tanba Kyoto that the beans are sourced while the crabs came from Senshu. You may be able to match this dish with their wide selection of different wines.

It is the Mizuno that is also considered s one of the best restaurants in Osaka. This restaurant is considered as the oldest pancake restaurant in the country which started in 1945. It is from the Kuromon market that the ingredient from their Okonomiyaki come from. The most popular dish that you can try out in the rastaurant is the Yamaimo-yaki. The dough that they make in this restaurant is made from yeast and not from the usual flour. This makes for a very soft textured dough. This dough is well complimented with the pork and vegetables that you will see inside the pancake.
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Another great restaurant that you should also try in Osaka is the Zuboraya. You will know that it is the Zuboraya when you see the globefish shaped sign as its landmarked. This is the pace it go if you are looking for a hot pot dish that has globefish on it which is called as the tecchiri. The globefish that is used in the dish comes from the market in west Japan. It is mixed with sudachi a Japanese citrus which is perfect in bringing the natural taste of the fish. It is at the end if the dish that you will enjoy a very tasty porridge.
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When you are up for takoyaki, you must not miss one of the most famous restaurant and that is the Yamachan. The origin of the dish is from this place. The takoyaki in this place is very distinct as they are using original chicken soup which is blended right into the dough. The inside of the takoyaki is creamy and soft while the outside is crispy in texture. You will see that the doughs are cooked in a special takoyaki pan that is at high temperatures. The special soy sauce will truly compliment the dish although you can eat it without the sauce.