Decorate With a Theme in Mind

You need to have a “theme” in mind whenever you decorate a room. The theme is what sets the “tone’ or “mood” of the room. If you decorate a room with all kinds of different décor items you will end up with a ‘hodge-podge’ effect, with no cohesiveness. You want to be able to look around the room and sense what the homeowner is trying to portray with the room.

For example:

1. Family room or ‘wreck room’ – You had a wonderful vacation at the shore and you want to recapture it in the theme of this room. You will want to look for nautical items that remind you of that time. These can be lighthouses, canoes or ships, shells, dolphin or whale figures, fish and pieces of coral. If you are a scuba diver, you may want to add any ‘treasures’ you brought up from the deep, such as anchors or masts off a wreck you found underwater (provided you were allowed to remove them).

2. Kitchen- Now suppose you want a kitchen with an ‘Apple’ theme. You don’t want everything in your kitchen to have apples on it. This would be too overpowering when someone comes into the room. So you look for 4-5 pieces ( at the most) with ‘Apples’ on them to decorate the room. Of course it depends also on how big the room is. The bigger it is the more pieces you can add. You may choose from clocks, canister sets, serving pieces, a rack of decorative plates, a towel, placemat or curtain set. If you have a lot of pieces vary them from time to time to give you a change but also continuity. Don’t use them all at once!

It is good to pick up the red shade of the apple and have hints of it around the room, say in the backsplash or tiles or and item like mugs or a pitcher.

3. Living Room- If you want a room to offer peace and tranquility, think of mute colors, scented candles or candelabra, a fountain, waterfall or autumn pictures. A fireplace adds warmth and interest. You should have seating for at least 2 couples so you can enjoy this with friends.

So now you have an idea of what to look for when decorating a room. Try your hand at it with these pointers in mind and you will have a lovely room to be proud of.