Food Riots and the Race for Land

Overpopulation and a Looming Food Crisis

The price of food and resources are currently more than what the average Jo feels comfortable with and they are about to go higher as the population soars. Already 7 billion humans will have to fight for the dwindling stocks as scientists race to create more artificial ways of feeding the masses. With fish declining and weather predictions against agriculture the future is already bleak. While we in Australia and most other western nations can comfortable go to the supermarket and get produce it means that few people are worried about what will happen in the very near future when the tables are turned.

Already countries like China, for example, are investing heavily in Australian agricultural lands because the powers that be are looking to the future. Good land, good water supplies and easily accessible resources are attractive incentives for foreign investment companies looking to replace their own now arid lands as desertification is wiping out much of their productivity. That may mean that Australians will be buying from these Companies and paying higher prices for what may well be dwindling supplies.

If this country, for instance, has to export most of what it grows to foreign shores there will be little left for local supermarkets and consumers. Our food security will then be non-existent or at best greatly stressed. There are always people at the top making a fortune.

By looking ahead a few short years it has given many entrepreneurs an exciting glimmer of where they will be when things fall apart for the rest of us. Is there a way out and should we be securing our own agricultural land   in  Australian hands before the problem is unresolvable?

This is a problem that many countries should be addressing while the so-called free trade agreements may be tipped too far against us.

The  Elephant  that Has Escaped Untouched

Overpopulation is the  elephant   in   the   room  and it is obvious that most of the big CEO’s, with their million dollars a year contracts, don’t care about it. They just want money. The more people they have to use their services and goods the better off they see themselves. They don’t appear to worry if millions of people will soon die from starvation or in the riots that will surely follow food shortages when they come.

Many wars have started as a result of food and water shortages. Whosoever controls these resources will control the world when things get really tough. There are people dying today in their thousands because they have stripped their lands bare of soil and have overpopulated them to the extent that there is now no room.

Mass Migration has already Started

Great mobs are fleeing in their thousands while forcing themselves on other countries to let them in and this is nothing to what is coming. Illegal migrants are arriving in western countries by any means possible and many are hopping on unseaworthy boats, some drowning at sea, to escape the life they have unwittingly created for themselves. So is that a reasonable excuse to allow them to do the same to the rest of the world?

It’s time to take stock and to deal with the stupidity from which we will never escape if and when it comes about.